Open Hand's work is fueled by some amazing people.

If you spend any time at all on the Open Hand campus, the lasting impression will be that of the dedicated and compassionate people behind the scenes.

Our volunteers and our staff work as one, giving as much of their hearts as they do of their time. They energize us and motivate those we serve, all the while fulfilling something deeply personal in their own lives.

Our Board of Directors is dedicated to our mission and passionate about growing the organization to reach more people and make an even greater impact on the health of our community. And members of our Advisory Board and Open Hand Society are always ready to step up to support Open Hand, providing insight and a fresh perspective on how to best serve our friends and neighbors.

Board of Directors

2021 Officers
Varon A. Garcias, M.D., President

Charles E. Mendez, III, Vice-President & President Elect
Shirley Powell, Secretary

Kameron Besson, CPA, Treasurer

2021 Board Members
Thomas Abrams
Louisa Basarrate
Cromwell S. Baun
Babarella Diaz
Sudevi Ghosh
Rodrick Glass
Julie L. Hagedorn, D.O.
Sandra A. Harris
Robert Joseph
Alison Lukacsko
Johanna Ellis Reisinger
Carmen Titelman
Board Emeritus
Sally Dorsey
Stephen Woods
Jackie Yeaney


Advisory Board

D. Jack Sawyer, Jr., Hon. Chair
Tom Abrams
Mo Akbar
Gary Alembik
Marlene Alexander
Tracie Arnold
Cyndae Arrendale
Wendy Barton
Rebecca Bily
Michele Blondheim
Samuel Candler
Helen S. Carlos
Jeff Carrico
Tony Conway
Ann Cramer
Esther Dabney
Suzanne Dansby
J. Stephen Eaton
Margaret Eaton
Michael Edwards-Pruitt
Sally Finch
Sieglinde Gillfillan
Will Gosnell
Henry Gregory
Julia Hill
Paul Horning
Douglas Ikelman
Caroline Jeffords
Charles Johnson
Kent Lindner
Elizabeth Lorber
Leslie McLeod
Penelope McPhee
Herbert Miller
Evelyn Mims
Thomas Murphy
Christopher Nave
Jenny Pruitt
Sharon Kay Quigley
Kimberly Rask
Desiree Rivers
Joshua Savage
Katherine Scott
S. Barron Segar
Jonathan Shapero
Mark Skillan
Roger Smith
Dorothy Stoller
Todd Tautfest
John Thompson
James Towers
Keith Traxler
Henrie Treadwell
Joseph Vella
Clyde Watkins
Dennis White
Butch Whitfield
Teri Xerogeanes
Jacqueline Yeaney


Open Hand Leadership

Matthew Pieper, Executive Director
Susan Anderson, Chief Operating Officer
Aleta McLean, Sr Director of Client Services & Outcomes
John Penninger, Sr Director of Development & Marketing
Bob Cuellar, Chief Financial Officer



Open Hand Society

Adam Ballenger
Andrew Wood
Anne Loescher
Bhupendra Patel
Brandon Tubman
Brittany Hartman
Carolyn Perry
Charles Fee
Chelsie McIver
Dynesha Montgomery
Jaclyn Small
Jennifer Milstein
Jim Xu
Jordan Flowers
Katherine Misel
Kayla Alexander
Leang Chhun
Lindsey Dickman
Lorin Boren
Morria Goggin
Rackley Boren
Simone Howard
Susan Hiers
Tarik Small

Open Hand Atlanta
181 Armour Drive, NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

(404) 872-8089

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