Delivering Delicious! Have you checked out GMM lately?

We love celebrating the month of March here at Open Hand: it’s National Nutrition Month! We’re committed to providing delicious, nutritious meals to people from all walks of life, which includes those we serve through our social enterprise, Good Measure Meals!

In case you haven’t heard, Good Measure is Atlanta’s local kitchen on a mission. 100% of GMM’s proceeds benefit Open Hand, and every two meals purchased provides one meal, free of charge, to a neighbor in need through Open Hand.

Good Measure sells delicious dietitian-approved meals that are cooked by our team of incredible chefs and are then delivered straight to our customers’ doors throughout Metro Atlanta. We provide individual meals for those who are looking for an easy way to improve their wellness, and (new to GMM) family style meals for the family that’s already juggling a little too much. Good Measure takes the stress out of eating well by doing the work for you: all you have to do is heat and eat!

As all my friends know, try as I might, I’m not a cook. When my friends were over the other night, I was grateful to pull out some GMM Family Style meals and spend more time with the people I care about, rather than struggling in the kitchen. (And my friends were grateful to know that what they ate was prepared by chefs and not me!)

Everyone, no matter how busy they are or what means they have, deserves access to love, dignity, and nutrition. That’s why the amazing meals we sell at Good Measure are the same meals we provide, free of charge, to our Open Hand clients.

If you haven’t checked out GMM lately, give us a try, and know that you’re increasing your impact on the lives of those we serve.

(By the way, we also offer gift cards if you want to show someone a little love this National Nutrition Month and help them on their journey to health deliciously!)

-Matthew Pieper, Executive Director

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