60+ Dragon Con Superhero volunteers strike a pose before starting their day of service on Open Hand's campus

Dragon Con Superheroes Join Open Hand for a Heroic Day of Service

At the end of April, Open Hand Atlanta had the honor of hosting over 60 Dragon Con Superhero volunteers. The Superhero volunteers give their time to various organizations throughout the city over the course of the year in an effort for Dragon Con to give back to Atlanta. It’s a point of pride for them when they come to a space to volunteer that they provide an almost overwhelmingly supportive and effective presence.  

As always, Dragon Con made a huge impact in just a few short hours! To name a few of the greatest accomplishments of the day, Dragon Con: 

2 Dragon Con volunteers help wash Open Hand's delivery vans
  • Packed over 2,300 nourishing meals and 207 market baskets full of shelf-stable pantry items to support our neighbors’ health 
  • Washed all of our delivery vans—which our staff use every day to bring meals to our clients’ doorsteps—from top to bottom, inside and out 
  • Created over 100 cards to be included in our clients’ boxes of meals 

We love being able to host the Dragon Con Superheroes, and are so honored to have had such a fun and effective day of service! Even better, this won’t mark the end of our work with Dragon Con this year: in fact, it’s just the beginning. In case you missed it, Open Hand Atlanta has been named Dragon Con’s official charity partner for 2022! Throughout the convention, they’ll raise funds to support the nutrition and nutrition education of those we serve. 

Be sure to mark your calendars for September 1st-5th to join us at Dragon Con! We’re so humbled to be their selected charity for the year, and are excited for the difference we’ll be able to make together on the lives of the friends and neighbors we serve across Atlanta and throughout Georgia. 

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