Open Hand makes a measurable impact on the health of our clients...and our community.

Open Hand provides MORE THAN A MEAL. We also empower our friends and neighbors battling chronic disease TO BETTER MANAGE THEIR HEALTH by teaching them the connection between better food choices and improved quality of life.

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Impact of Open Hand nutrition interventions

2019 Client Survey

Open Hand collaborates with over 100 other partner organizations.

When a community as large and diverse as ours comes together, it’s a beautiful thing. From the dedicated individuals whose passion has fueled our organization since the very beginning, to our partnerships with local and federal agencies, foundations, and businesses, we value each relationship deeply. Because we know that only by working together can we continue to nourish lives.

We believe in partnering with the community to positively impact health and social services, and work closely with several other nonprofit organizations to implement collaborative programs that address these issues.


Nutrition interventions = Better health outcomes & lower cost of care

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