Meet Mama T, Open Hand Client and Beloved Neighbor

Teresa—or “Mama T”, as her neighbors lovingly refer to her—can often be seen in her garden or sitting on the front porch, surrounded by her beautiful yard. A very active and independent woman, she began slowing down around this time last year when her health began to decline. In September 2020, she officially became an Open Hand client. 

“I really love and appreciate the meals—they’re so delicious,” she says. “When I tell my friends about them, they can’t believe the meal descriptions.” 

Teresa is quick to tell you how much of a difference our meals make in her life. She no longer drives and, like many of those we serve, relies on friends and family to get her to the grocery store, pharmacy, and doctor appointments. Getting her regular delivery of medically-tailored meals from Open Hand helps ensure she’s getting the nutrition she needs to manage her health without any added stress.  

Not only that, but having home-delivered meals from Open Hand has helped alleviate the isolation so many of our seniors are feeling due to the extended pandemic. “Just having that interaction with the volunteers for a few minutes each week is a blessing,” Mama T tells us. “They’re very kind, sweet people.” 

We hope you’re as proud as we are that, despite all the challenges of this past year and a half, we’ve been able to continue to make life a little easier for Mama T and the thousands of others like her who really depend on Open Hand Atlanta. 

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