An Open Hand Atlanta dietitian serves health-promoting meals to a table of seniors.

Reflecting on Older Americans Month

As May is our country’s observance of Older Americans Month, I want to take a moment to reflect on what a privilege it is for Open Hand to provide health promoting meals and nutrition education for older adults throughout Metro Atlanta and now in other parts of Georgia as well. In fact, older adults are the largest segment of our client base.  

In our service to seniors, we recognize that often times older adults are sometimes not able to enjoy or do the things that brought them joy when they were younger. Travel can sometimes be more limited, driving an automobile may no longer be possible, and mobility challenges make getting around more difficult.

With that in mind, we’re committed to making sure that our client’s dining experience is not something that is compromised or limited. That’s why we make an effort to provide ample choice and a variety of meals to meet the personal preferences of our older clients. We provide meals made from scratch, similar to what their parents served them and they in turn served their family members. From our perspective, this is about dignity and respect. 

It is also a very rewarding part of our mission knowing that our health promoting meals help our clients to live independently in their homes and can help reduce hospital stays and emergency room visits. Older adults are truly one of our country’s most valuable resources and it is such an honor and pleasure to be of service. 

As long as we continue to receive testimonies from our sweet clients, such as the one that follows, we will continue to treasure our senior services. 

“I really love and appreciate the meals—they’re so delicious. When I tell my friends about them, they can’t believe the meal descriptions. And just having that interaction with the volunteers for a few minutes each week is a blessing. They’re very kind, sweet people.” – Teresa, client since September 2020 

Matthew Pieper, Executive Director

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