Cooking Matters Classes

Open Hand Cooking Matters (OHCM) serves SNAP/WIC-eligible individuals in Georgia who are at risk of hunger and are more susceptible to obesity and other behavior based risk factors and diseases. Host sites include locations/organizations whose primary mission includes providing services to low-income Georgians, including: food banks, house authorities, food pantries, WIC clinics, Head Start, Senior Centers, safety net clinics, faith-based organizations, homeless shelters, transitional housing communities, and community-based organizations.

Open Hand has successfully leveraged existing collaborative relationships and working partnerships with community organizations to empower these individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make healthy and affordable meals on a very limited budget.

Open Hand has also trained Cooking Matters facilitators in metro Atlanta, Central GA, Coastal GA, Northeast GA, and South Georgia. This network will allow Open Hand to leverage our already trained and experienced educators to implement services immediately and reach additional SNAP, SNAP-eligible, and WIC-eligible individuals.

In 2018, Open Hand Atlanta completed 50 Cooking Matters for Adults courses, 4 Cooking Matters for Parents courses, 21 Cooking Matters for Kids courses, 20 Cooking Matters for Teens courses, 4 Cooking Matters for Child Care Provider trainings, and 169 Cooking Matters at the Store tours, reaching over 2,500 participants with Cooking Matters direct education programmatic activities alone.

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