Getting to The Heart of Caregiving

After falling out of touch for a few years, James found out that his friend Larry (left) was in critical condition. Doctors gave him only 3-6 months to live. James, a retired nurse, couldn’t bear to see Larry spend what time he had left alone. “So I decided I wanted him to come live with me.” That was over 12 years ago.

James continues to provide Larry, who he considers his brother, with 24/7 assistance. For the past decade, Larry has also received meals from Open Hand. “Everyone at Open Hand cares. They’re prompt and want to make sure we’re taken care of, even through the pandemic. And the meals are great. Larry always eats everything on his plate!”

“Larry has never let his disability get the best of him,” James adds, “We’re both just so thankful that Open Hand has been there all of these years, supporting me in doing everything I can to help keep Larry healthy and happy. Especially this past year, when we needed Open Hand more than ever.”

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