Meal Delivery Concierge

The Meal Delivery Concierge will help load meals into volunteer drivers’ cars and help volunteers inventory meals before delivery.

  • You will be going in and out of coolers and freezers, and are advised to wear layers to stay warm!
  • Also, please familiarize yourself with the delivery driver orientation below so that you will have an understanding of the delivery process.
  • Once done with deliveries, we will set up the market baskets for the next day. Don’t worry — we’ll keep you busy!

What to wear: Please remember to wear layers so that you can adjust to going in and out of coolers/freezers and stay as comfortable as possible. Please, no flip flops or open-toed shoes. (To review the full health and dress codes, click here.)

Delivery Orientation: Prior to reporting for your shift, please take a few minutes to review our delivery orientation video below. 

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