Meal Delivery

Our drivers are a critical part of the service we provide to the community, since a majority of our clients are homebound. In fact, our volunteer driver is quite often the only person a client may see on any given day. But as much as that meal and that simple moment shared means to each client, it means just as much to each volunteer. We have some volunteers who have been driving a route for 10 years or more and others who drive every so often…but for every one of them, seeing a client smile is something very personal and rewarding.

When you drive, you will use your own vehicle and gas, and we will provide you with extremely detailed driving directions. You will deliver meals within the metro Atlanta area…and we can work with you to find a route that you are most comfortable with. The longest you will drive at one time is from Open Hand to the first stop and from the last stop back to Open Hand. All stops in between are routed so that they are approximately 1-2 minutes away from each other.

What to wear: Although there is no strict dress code for delivery, please, remember that you are representing Open Hand to our clients and the community.

Arrival Time: New drivers should report to Open Hand at 10am for a 30 minute training. You will begin delivering immediately after your training. Returning volunteers may arrive between 9-10:30am to pick up their route.

New Driver Orientation: Prior to reporting for your route, please take a few minutes and review our updated delivery orientation video below. 

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